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Get to know me!

My name is Kayla Quinn, raised in Jackson Mississippi. Being a MUA has been such a rollercoaster of events in which I wouldn't trade for anything. I graduated from Jim Hill High school located in central Jackson. This is where I found my love for creativity and for makeup! As a young woman in high school I didn't plan to become a makeup artist. I loved playing  in makeup as a young girl and putting m makeup on for fun. My mother sold Mary Kay and always had makeup in her room. Thats were my curiosity about makeup began to grow. Makeup quickly grew into my hobby and side hustle. I even did my classmate's makeup for senior portraits and prom. This is when truly started to love applying makeup on others ad seeing the smile on their faces when I was finished. As my confidence and skills grew so did my clientele and network. Now I service hundreds of woman around Mississippi. Some notable people I have worked with is famous singer Michel'Le, Miss Mississippi USA, and the list goes on. Makeup has allowed me to learn so much and even quit my job to be a full time entrepreneur. I am now continuing my education atThee Jackson State University, majoring in social work. I am forever grateful to everyone Iv'e met on this journey and my wonderful clients. I can't wait to meet more of you beautiful ladies in my chair! See you there!

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